Edward Taylor

Creative Technologist

Bachelor of Design Innovation

New Zealand

I am a creative individual who uses technology for experiences and solutions.







I perform visual art at festivals and music events around New Zealand. Inspired by music visualizers in winamp and iTunes, I create computer programs that transform audio data into visually pleasing stage projections. You can see more of my content on instagram.

In contrast to many VJs, I exclusively perform realtime content - I don't use pre-rendered videos. This means that I can respond to the music and the crowd in realtime. I spend most of my creative time playing around with new tools for control and developing experimental rendering techniques.

I'm lucky to collaborate with some other awesome creative people through this work and I hope to develop even larger collaborative things in the future! Email me if you want to collab :)


Mary Hush

For this experimental event, we took over a swanky conference center in Christchurch. We had many floors of interactive art and music made by over 50 creators.

I managed the main stage visuals and created a show control system for the opening ceremony, using TouchOSC to control lights and sounds that went along with the opening ceremony, where participants of the 'Holographic hotel' arrived through portals in time and space.


Twisted Frequency

I headed main stage projection this year, after being a guest VJ for several years. It was a good challenge to work as a team and leverage the skills of many creative and technical people.


Dude where's my turtle?



Managed and performed visuals for this one night event near Christchurch. I was really proud of how I utilised the layering of the stage facade


Now that's not music



Performed at a mostly psy event near Peel Forest to send off a family farm.

Had a hand in designing the stage to match projections to wrap around the dance floor. This performance is an example of my live rendered 3D content where I experiment with infinite geometries.

Producer/DJ: Keith


Unleashed Society

For this gig, I collaborated with stage designers to map out this custom built taniwha. I was really happy with the result - ghostly taniwha watching over the audience with my reactive shapes adding depth. I especially valued having enough time in this project to prototype different visual styles beforehand and get the mapping pixel perfect.